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Top 500 German words (301-400)

Words 1-100101-200 | 201-300 | 301-400 | 401-500
Source: A Frequency Dictionary of German. Core Vocabulary for Learners

Frequency Dictionary of German

301. handeln (verb) to deal, trade
302. Mark, die, – (noun) mark (former unit of German currency)
303. Entwicklung, die, -en (noun) development
304. Monat, der, -e (noun) month
305. erreichen (verb) to reach, achieve
306. anders (pred. adj./adv.) different(ly)
307. schließlich (adv.) in the end, finally
308. tragen (verb) to carry, wear
309. eher (adv.) earlier, more likely, rather
310. Familie, die, -n (noun) family
311. Morgen, der, – (noun) morning; morgen (adv.) tomorrow
312. je (adv.) ever, each
313. Abend, der, -e (noun) evening
314. zehn (num.) ten
315. darin (adv.) in it, inside
316. rund (adj.) round; (adv.) approximately
317. Aufgabe, die, -n (noun) assignment, task, job
318. frei (adj.) free
319. Universität, die, -en / Uni, die, -s (noun) university
320. schaffen (verb) to manage; to create
321. Sinn, der, -e (noun) sense, meaning
322. früh (adj.) early
323. lesen (verb) to read
324. Staat, der, -en (noun) state
325. Ziel, das, -e (noun) goal, destination
326. gegenüber (prep.) opposite
327. Freund, der, -e (noun) friend
328. Thema, das, Themen (noun) theme, topic, subject
329. unterschiedlich (adj.) different
330. daher (adv.) from there, therefore
331. Person, die, -en (noun) person
332. schlecht (adj.) bad
333. Euro, der, -s (noun) euro (unit of currency of the EU)
334. obwohl (conj.) although
335. Nacht, die, -(ä)-e (noun) night
336. verlieren (verb) to lose
337. Ding, das, -e (noun) thing
338. deutlich (adj.) clear
339. allgemein (adj.) general
340. Raum, der, -(äu)-e (adj.) room, space
341. Blick, der, -e (noun) look, view, glance
342. einzig (adj.) only, single
343. dar•stellen (verb) to depict, portray
344. Platz, der, -(ä)-e (noun) place, room, square
345. Zahl, die, -en (noun) number
346. gemeinsam (adj.) common, mutual
347. nah(e) (adj.) near, close; (prep.) near, close to
348. System, das, -e (noun) system
349. Uhr, die, -en (noun) clock
350. dessen (dem. pron. / rel. pron.) whose (gen. form of der, das)
351. Eltern, die (pl. noun) parents
352. erkennen (verb) to recognize
353. entwickeln (verb) to develop
354. früher (adv.) earlier, in former times
355. Straße, die, -n (noun) street
356. reden (verb) to talk
357. voll (adj.) full
358. aus•sehen (verb) to appear, look (a certain way)
359. erscheinen (verb) to appear
360. mehrere (adj./pron.) several
361. Minute, die, -n (noun) minute
362. zunächst (adv.) first, at first, for now
363. Gruppe, die, -n (noun) group
364. Wert, der, -e (noun) value; wert (adj.) worth
365. Gesicht, das, -er (noun) face
366. irgendwie (adv.) somehow
367. Sprache, die, -n (noun) language
368. bilden (verb) to form, educate
369. dadurch (adv.) through it, as a result
370. direkt (adj.) direct, straight
371. international (adj.) international
372. sozial (adj.) social
373. an•fangen (verb) to begin
374. best- (adj.) best
375. bisher (adv.) until now
376. erwarten (verb) to expect
377. Anfang, der, -e (noun) beginning
378. nämlich (adv.) namely
379. jen- (det./pron.) that, those
380. wohnen (verb) to live
381. rot (adj.) red
382. offen (adj.) open
383. Ort, der, -e (noun) place, town, location
384. naja (part.) well …
385. Moment, der (noun) moment
386. betreffen (verb) to affect, concern
387. meist- (adj.) most
388. warten (verb) to wait
389. Folge, die, -n (noun) result, consequence, series
390. ab (prep.) from
391. besonder- (adj.) special
392. gewiss (adj.) certain
393. Interesse, das, -n (noun) interest
394. manchmal (adv.) sometimes
395. Milliarde, die, -n (noun) billion
396. Rolle, die, -n (noun) role
397. jemand (pron.) someone
vergehen (verb) to elapse (time); to decay
399. öffentlich (adj.) public
400. Tür, die, -en (noun) door

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