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Top 500 German words (101-200)

Words 1-100 |101-200201-300301-400401-500
Source: A Frequency Dictionary of German. Core Vocabulary for Learners

Frequency Dictionary of German

101. drei (num.) three
102. wenig (adj.) few; (pron.) little, few
103. Frau, die, -en (noun) woman, wife, Mrs.
104. Mensch, der, -en (noun) human being, person
105. deutsch (adj.) GermanDeutsch das (noun) German (language)
106. Kind, das, -er (noun) child
107. etwas (pron.) something, some, a little
108. Tag, der, -e (noun) day
109. nun (adv.) now
110. finden (verb) to find
111. nichts (pron.) nothing
112. bleiben (verb) to stay
113. sondern (conj.) but (on the contrary)
114. klein (adj.) small, little
115. zwischen (prep.) between
116. alt (adj.) old
117. gegen (prep.) against
118. liegen (verb) to lie
119. ohne (prep.) without (variation: ohne … zu without (doing something))
120. nein (adv.) no
121. heute (adv.) today
122. weit (adj.) wide, far
123. heißen (verb) to be called
124. denken (verb) to think
125. eben (adv.) just now; (part.)  just, simply, exactly
126. erst (adv.) first, only, not until; (part.) only now, already, more so
127. natürlich (adj./adv.) natural(ly), of course
128. ob (conj.) whether
129. hoch (adj.) high
130. beide (pron.) both
131. Mann, der, -(ä)-er (noun) man
132. einfach (adj.) simple, easy; (part.) simply
133. vielleicht (adv.) maybe, perhaps; (part.) maybe, really
134. dort (adv.) there
135. dabei (adv.) with it; there, in the process
136. einmal (adv.) once
137. ihnen (pers. pron.) [to/for] them (dat. form of sie [pl.]); Ihnen (pers. pron.) [to/for] you (dat. form of Sie [pl.])
138. welch- (det./pron.) which
139. nehmen (verb) to take
140. tun (verb) to do
141. seit (prep.) since, for (a period of time)
142. dürfen (verb) to be allowed, may
143. glauben (verb) to believe
144. halten (verb) to stop, hold
145. nennen (verb) to name, call (a thing/person something)
146. Land, das, -(ä) er (noun) land, country, state
147. letzt- (adj.) last
148. gleich (adj./adv.) same; right away, just
149. solch- (det./pron.) such
150. dazu (adv.) in addition, furthermore, to that
151. mögen (verb) to like
152. Frage, die, -en (noun) question
153. gar (adv.) at all
154. zeigen (verb) to show
155. führen (verb) to lead
156. möglich (adj.) possible
157. sprechen (verb) to speak
158. während (prep.) during; (conj.) while, whereas
159. Haus, das, -(äu)-er (noun) house
160. Fall, der, -(ä)-e, fall, case
161. eigen (adj.) one’s own
162. bringen (verb) to bring, take
163. Leute, die (pl. noun) people
164. schön (adj.) beautiful, pleasant, good
165. einige (pron./adj.) a few, some
166. bereits (adv.) already
167. Arbeit, die (noun) work
168. leben (verb) to live
169. fahren (verb) to drive, ride, go (by vehicle)
170. meinen (verb) to think, have an opinion
171. spät (adj.) late
172. etwa (adv.) about, approximately; (part.) perhaps
173. wer (interrog. pron.) who, whoever
174. Prozent, das, -e (noun) percent
175. fragen (verb) to ask
176. gerade (adv.) just, just now; (adj.) straight
177. wichtig (adj.) important
178. zwar (adv.) admittedly, to be precise
179. Hand, die -(ä)-e, hand
180. wirklich (adj./adv.) real(ly), actual(ly)
181. kennen (verb) to know
182. weitere(-r/-s) (adj.) additional
183. genau (adj.) exact
184. jung (adj.) young
185. gelten (verb) to be valid
186. Stadt, die -(ä)-e (noun) city
187. Herr, der, -en (noun) gentleman, Mr.
188. Teil, der/das, -e (noun) part
189. Problem, das, -e (noun) problem
190. Welt, die, -en (noun) world
191. jedoch (adv.) however
192. stellen (verb) to place, set (in a horizontal position)
193. darauf (adv.) on it, to it
194. bisschen, bissel (pron.) little bit
195. vier (num.) four
196. nie (adv.) never
197. spielen (verb) to play
198. denen (dem. pron./rel. pron.) [to/for] whom/that (dat. pl. form of die [pl.])
199. Recht, das, -e (noun) right, law; recht (adj.) all right; (part.) rather
200. arbeiten (verb) to work

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