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Buying German foods outside of Germany –

I’m always looking for places that will deliver German products to my door.  I first discovered Germanshop24 in 2009. I had been looking for Mon Cheri, which was oddly difficult to find. But Germanshop24 had that and lots more. I ended up ordering

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Bücher und Lesen in Deutschland

Wie viel und wie oft lesen die Deutschen? Und was lesen sie? Was für Bücher kaufen sie und wie viele Bücher besitzen sie? Wie viele neue Titel erscheinen jährlich und wo auf der Welt werden pro Kopf die meisten Bücher

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Lederhosen for Lego Lovers

For all of you German-loving Lego fans out there … With the release of the Series 11 Lego Minifigures in September, the “Lederhosen Guy” from Series 8 now has a mate. Like the “Lederhosen Guy”, the dirndl-wearing Series 11 “Bavarian

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Poll: Most surprising results of the 2013 Bundestag election

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How is the German chancellor elected?

On September 22, 2013, the Germans will go to the polls to decide who will run the country for the next four years. There are plenty of informed articles on the dynamics of the 2013 election (e.g., “Polls Suggest Happy

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Oktoberfest Quiz

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