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Free 2-day shipping on German books

If you’re a student buying German books for classes or if you plan to buy any books for the next six months, you could benefit from the free Amazon Student program. Here’s the deal:

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More free German Christmas ebooks

Yesterday I posted some links to free German ebooks with a Christmas theme. Today a few of the twelve books I posted about are no longer free. But here are a few more that are free today that were not

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Free German Christmas books to download

In my search for Christmas-themed German language texts, I stumbled across several free downloadable ebooks. The following German Christmas ebooks are free as of this posting and can be downloaded from Amazon. They are in Kindle format, but you don’t

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Bücher und Lesen in Deutschland

Wie viel und wie oft lesen die Deutschen? Und was lesen sie? Was für Bücher kaufen sie und wie viele Bücher besitzen sie? Wie viele neue Titel erscheinen jährlich und wo auf der Welt werden pro Kopf die meisten Bücher

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Best books for German learners

German books

Students often ask me what books I recommend for various purposes. These are some of the most useful references available for German learners. German-English Dictionaries Collins Pocket German Dictionary. 5th ed. (2010). [BEGINNER] If you’re looking for something portable but nonetheless

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