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Quiz: The German verb finden

This quiz on the verb finden was designed to accompany the Wort der Woche series post on the same topic. You can test your knowledge beforehand or go to the post about the verb finden first and read all about the verb and its usage before coming back here to take the quiz.
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12 comments on “Quiz: The German verb finden
  1. Julie says:

    This was great to be tested. I didn’t know all the vocabulary but I was able to work the answers out from my knowledge.

  2. Ruth Winterfeld says:


  3. Swati Sachdeva says:

    This blog and these exercises are very help for me…:)

  4. Essam Elmisherghi says:

    Danke ich habe 70% und das ist super für mich ,also meine Deutschdprache ist noch nicht gut. vielen dank

  5. fast translation says:

    Ich danke Ihnen zehr fuer die Pruefung.
    Ich moechte Duetsch lernen, aber habe keine Zeit.
    Ich habe ein bisschen lernen, aber Deutsch ist schwer.

    Well, I think I have reached the limit of my “writing in German” ability!
    Thank you for your helpful website.

  6. fast translation says:

    Sorry! I just found a mistake in the third sentence, so I correct it as:

    Ich habe ein bisschen gelernt, aber Deutsch ist schwer.

  7. Kurt says:

    I don’t agree with the options given for question 10, because of the suggested tense being future simple in all of them. However, nothing in the original German sentence points to that. The first answer given is therefore only the least wrong, but not correct!

  8. Chris Smit says:

    Thank you. The best way to learn is to test yourself frequenttly

  9. Linda Nuckolls says:

    Danke, sehr hilfreich!

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