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Lederhosen for Lego Lovers

For all of you German-loving Lego fans out there … With the release of the Series 11 Lego Minifigures in September, the “Lederhosen Guy” from Series 8 now has a mate. Like the “Lederhosen Guy”, the dirndl-wearing Series 11 “Bavarian Lady” also has a pretzel as an accessory.


If you’re not familiar with Lego Minifigures, you can buy a package from the current series at market value (usually $2.99, 1.92 GBP, $3.05 CAD, $2.99 AUD, $2.35 EUR, et al.). But you won’t know which of the 16 series figures you have until you open it. Or you can buy the exact figure you want at a premium on sites like ebay and amazon.

What do you think of the Bavarian Lady and the Lederhosen Guy? Stereotypical? Cute?

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2 comments on “Lederhosen for Lego Lovers
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    When I start your current Feed this provides me with a bunch of turned text, will be the breakdown on my small side?

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