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More free German Christmas ebooks

Yesterday I posted some links to free German ebooks with a Christmas theme. Today a few of the twelve books I posted about are no longer free. But here are a few more that are free today that were not yesterday. Get them while they don’t cost you anything!

Der Weihnachtsteller – Kulinarische Weihnachtsgeschichten – Christmas stories and poems with a culinary theme.

München Manhatten – Weihnachtsspecial – A short story gift from the author in her München Manhattan series. Susanna has just one wish for Christmas: that her best friends finally will end their feud. But is a reconciliation even possible after all that has happened?

White Christmas. Kurzkrimi Free download only on the first four Sundays in December this year.  Karo Rutkowsky, private detective and sucessful cleaning woman, solves her cases with attitude. Not always legal, but thorough.

Tödliche Festtage – 18 short crime stories for Christmas, Easter, and Halloween. Christmas stories: Ein Laster voller Geschenke, Invasion der Weihnachtsmänner, Rutenklaus, Eisige Zeiten, Rumkuchen, Strip a Claus, Niko klaut‘s, Der Stiefel, Der Baum und Blutiger Schnee.

Weihnachts-Bowle – by 19th-century German author Otto Julius Bierbaum

These books are free at the time of posting, but may not be so for long. If you are interested, grab them now!

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One comment on “More free German Christmas ebooks
  1. Pricebye says:

    A lovely list of books! Thanks for sharing!

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