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Download free German ebooks

Did you know that the various Amazon stores offer hundreds, maybe thousands, of free German books for download? Not all of them are high-quality books, but there are often some real finds among the free selections. Maybe not surprisingly, Amazon doesn’t make it easy for customers to find the free downloads.

The foreign-language downloads can be especially tricky to locate. I’ve set up specialized search links to point you directly to the free German books on four of the Amazon sites. The instructions differ a bit depending on whether you’re on Amazon Germany or on an English-language Amazon.Follow the link and read the instructions to find out how to mine some of these free little gems for yourself.

If you need help reading your ebook or troubleshooting the download, scroll to the bottom of the page for more help.

Free German Books from

Go to free German ebooks on

Amazon Germany publishes lists of their most popular ebook downloads and currently allows you to examine the Top 100 free downloads in each category. The above link will take you to the Top 100 free downloads overall, but if you use the left menu on the linked page, you can narrow the search to particular themes. Make sure that Top 100 gratis is chosen on the top tab to view the list of free items for the chosen category.

I didn’t sort this list for language since presumably most of the books that come up on will be in German. This is a great way to expand your German library in categories that interest you. And reading things you find interesting is absolutely one of the best ways to learn a language. And it won’t cost you a cent.

Here are a few things that caught my eye. How about you? What did you find?

13 gegen die Frühjahrsmüdigkeit

Pflanzenschmuck für Balkon und Garten

Die Zitrone. 101 Tipps & Tricks

Free German Books from English-language Amazons

Go to free German ebooks on

Go to free German ebooks at

Go to free German ebooks at

Follow this link to free German books presorted by price from lowest to highest. This means that the books that are free to download will be at the beginning of the list. Use the left menu on the landing page to choose subcategories you are interested in. Scan through each category that interests you, but as you scroll through the books, keep your eye on the price to make sure you are still among the free offerings. Some of the books offered on are also offered on these sites.

Among other things, there are lots of free German literary works whose copyright has expired and that are therefore free to download. Here are a few examples of things I found interesting in Children’s Books, in Fiction, and in Crafts, Hobbies, and Home on

Das Dschungelbuch

Die Dorfdetektive

Einfach selbst reparieren

Ratten als Haustiere

How to read your free ebooks from Amazon

In order to read your free downloads, you will need the Kindle Reading App unless you already own a Kindle. The app is free and is available for smartphones, tablets, and computers. You can follow the directions for downloading the app that appears directly on the page of the free book you want to download. Or you can go to the free Kindle Reader apps page on You will only have to download the app once and you’re good to go. Or you can download it on all of your devices and share your ebook across all of them.

Trouble downloading?

Some websites only allow downloading or streaming of content for visitors who live in a specific location. For this reason, depending on your location you may not have permission to download from some of the Amazon regional sites. You have a few options. There are free proxy services (like the browser extention Hola! or Hotspot Shield for mobile devices) that allow users to circumvent region blocking. Or you can just stick to the Amazon for your region. Oftentimes, you can find a free ebook on multiple Amazon sites.


Did you find something worth downloading? Please share your find in the comments below!

DISCLAIMER: If you follow any of the above links and decide to make a purchase, Amazon will pay me a small commission for it. This price you pay remains the same.  These commissions help offset the cost of running and maintaining this site and allow me to keep offering free content to users.

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10 comments on “Download free German ebooks
  1. laura says:

    This post made my day! Vielen Dank! Es gibt nur ein Problem.. wenn man ein Account z.B von hat, kann man kein ebook aus oder usw herunterladen. Schade! Aber ich suche gerade in meinem Amazon und wenn es nicht klappt, werde ich ein neues Account registrieren :D

    • Ahhh, danke für den Hinweis. Ich habe ein Konto bei jedem Amazon, habe es also nicht bemerkt. :)

    • Monika says:

      Dafür gibt es eine Lösung. Titel des Buches kopieren zu gehen und in die Suchbox kopieren. Zu 90 Prozent finde ich das Buch in mein Fall beim amerikanischen Amazon und kann es dann so kostenlos runterlasen.

  2. Ligia Dantas Segalla says:

    Boa Tarde !
    Será que há a possibilidade de receber as informações em português ?

  3. Emanuel says:

    Konntest du Kobo e-books auch liefern? (Ist das die richtig Verben?)

  4. Falls Sie in Spanien sind, hier finden Sie die kostenlosen Bücher auf Deutsch by

    Nicht vergessen: Das sind alle deutschen eBücher nach Preis sortiert. Man muss also darauf achten, je weiter man in der Liste kommt, dass die Bücher immer noch die kostenlosen sind.

  5. Ursula Guevara says:

    Sehr interessant. Wie machen Sie es, bei mehreren Amazon z.B.(.com, .de, .es) angemeldet zu sein

  6. Elimar Orlopp says:

    Hallo, lieber Professor, oder liebe Professorin, habe heute tiefer in deine Web-Site geschaut und möchte euch noch einen Link für kostenlose deutsche Bücher anbieten:

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