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Free 2-day shipping on German books

This is somewhat off-topic, but I have to share. If you’re a student buying German books for classes or if you plan to buy any books for the next six months, you could benefit from the free Amazon Student program. Here’s the deal:

Solid circle You must be a currently enrolled student with an .edu extension e-mail address.

Solid circle If you sign up, you get free 2-day shipping on books and pretty much anything else Amazon sells with no minimum purchase requirement.

Solid circle After the six-month free trial period, you will be eligible to continue the Amazon Student program at half price ($49 instead of $99).

Solid circle There is no obligation to continue after six months and you can cancel at any time.

And it’s not only free. If you have an active Amazon account, you can also earn $10 for each of your student friends that you refer to Amazon Student.

I have been a happy Amazon Prime customer for a few years. Amazon Student is basically the same Amazon Prime service but at a student discount. Be aware that the free trial gives you the free 2-day shipping benefit, but none of the other perks of the paid account: unlimited streaming of movies and TV episodes, free access to millions of songs, and if you own a Kindle, the ability to borrow one e-book per month for no additional charge. However, if you choose to upgrade to the paid Amazon Student service, all of the benefits of the full-price Prime service are included.

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