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8 Things about Max und Moritz

Ach was muß man oft von bösen Kindern hören oder lesen! Wie zum Beispiel hier von diesen, Welche Max und Moritz hießen. This year marks the 150th anniversary of the children’s book Max und Moritz: Eine Bubengeschichte in sieben Streichen, which

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Download free German ebooks

Did you know that the various Amazon stores offer hundreds, maybe thousands, of free German books for download? Not all of them are high-quality books, but there are often some real finds among the free selections. Maybe not surprisingly, Amazon doesn’t make

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Why learn German?

Why learn German?

12 great reasons why you should start learning German today So you already have some perfectly good reasons to learn German … Maybe you want to be able to communicate with relatives, or to travel to Germany during your summer break,

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Free 2-day shipping on German books

If you’re a student buying German books for classes or if you plan to buy any books for the next six months, you could benefit from the free Amazon Student program. Here’s the deal:

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German linguistics resources

Learn German with The German Professor

This semester I am teaching a German Linguistics course to undergraduates. Below are some of the resources I use for the course: first a brief description of each of the textbooks I use, and secondly, a list of free online

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More free German Christmas ebooks

Yesterday I posted some links to free German ebooks with a Christmas theme. Today a few of the twelve books I posted about are no longer free. But here are a few more that are free today that were not

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Free German Christmas books to download

In my search for Christmas-themed German language texts, I stumbled across several free downloadable ebooks. The following German Christmas ebooks are free as of this posting and can be downloaded from Amazon. They are in Kindle format, but you don’t

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Want to learn German? Where to begin

If you want to learn German outside of the classroom setting, where should you begin? Teaching yourself a language is not easy, but at least nowadays it’s easier than ever. I am going to discuss what beginners can do to

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How to type German special characters

WINDOWS ***Hold ALT + type on Number Pad*** MAC ä ALT + 0228 or 132 OPTION + U, release then type A ö ALT + 0246 or 148 OPTION + U, release then type O ü ALT + 0252 or 129 OPTION + U, release then type

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More on the Free OnlineTVRecorder

Two months ago I reviewed the OnlineTVRecorder ( after about a week of use. After two months of using the OTR on a regular basis, I am still just as thrilled about stumbling across it as I was then. But

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